SWANMAY is a Doom inspired Stoner/Grunge trio from Austria, founded in late 2014. With amp-walls, aluminium guitars and an arsenal of fuzz pedals they were able to manifest their distinctive heavy stoner sound and play dozens of shows all over Europe as a support for Kadavar, Truckfighters, Brant Bjork, The Atomic Bitchwax, Elder and many more.

six years after their highly-praised first LP STONER CIRCUS has seen the light of day it’s time for the follow-up FRANTIC FEEL now!

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To describe the steel-city trio properly, you simply have to chug a bottle of Jack and – after a decent burp – deliberately cite Lemmy wrong: ‚Stoned dead forever’. It is not necessarily the Death Valley, though after duty hours even the Voest seems to work on a DeLorean variation which isn’t fed by 1,21 gigawatt from a nuclear reactor, therefor fuzzes with a proper dose home-made mushrooms and sand in the drive into nirvana and eventually lingers somewhere between cactus and cattle bones.


country: AUSTRIA
traveling party: 4 PEOPLE
accommodation: BANDFLAT / HOSTEL / HOTEL


„Black Sabbath with better voice!“ / Kurier

„Run away as fast as you can from the mundane and join this circus of fuzz today to get in on the ground floor of its mammoth awesomeness.“ / Heavy Planet
„Swanmay does not need to hide behind big acts. Their sound is actually international“ / FM4
„Swanmay ranks seamlessly in the reign of bands, which give the stoner rock scene a little revival – Stoner Doom par excellence.“ / Subtext

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Stoner Circus is Swanmay’s second recording, the first being the excellent EP Metronome. The band’s trio of riff-slingers, hailing from the Steel City of Linz, Austria, are true thaumaturges of fuzz, infusing their deep, immersive music in lusty amplification and emotionally palpable effects anchored to intelligent melodies and razor-sharp hooks capable of engulfing your metal soul in paroxysms of sheer indulgence.
Run away as fast as you can from the mundane and join this circus of fuzz today to get in on the ground floor of its mammoth awesomeness.“
Heavy Planet

„Unabashed stoner rock riff-led ideology persists throughout Stoner Circus, the hard-driving debut full-length from Linz, Austria, three-piece Swanmay. Working from a center of dense but not overblown fuzz, the rockers cast forth a clear-in-its-purposes nine tracks highlighted by “Lake on Fire,” which one can only wonder if whether or not was written in homage to the Austrian annual festival of the same name. In any case, that hook is one of several that feel particularly engaging throughout Stoner Circus, and the depth of tone on the instrumental “Dopechild” is enough to make that song memorable despite a lack of lyrics. Far from revolutionary, ultimately, but clearly not trying to be either, Swanmay’s first LP preaches its post-Kyussism on “Dharma” and in the Lowrider-style roll of “Sylvan” earlier on, but there’s an aggressive edge to it as well that comes to the fore on “Padawan” ahead of closer “Shiva,” which rounds out with a satisfying-if-telegraphed slowdown to make the point one more time about putting the groove first. So be it. As a debut, Stoner Circus gives Swanmay something to build on and already shows promise in songwriting and its well-honed execution of genre tenets.“
The Obelisk


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